Indian Foods

Deliciously Delight, The Taste of India

Indian Foods

Made by Putting Heart & Soul in Every Dish

Indian Foods

Try once! You will Say "I am In relationship with INDIAN FOOD"

Indian Foods

Discover the Finest Regional Cuisines of India


Indian Foods

Spicy Indian Cuisine Delivered Home!

If you are in search of authentic Indian foods Cambridge, then you needn’t look any further than Grabull. Whether you want to dine-in or simply relax in your house while the food is delivered to you, we have got it all.

Hand-picked Restaurants

Our restaurants are all chosen with the utmost care, ensuing that every bite of food you take is Indian at its heart. The restaurants use the freshest produce and high quality ingredients. You can get a unique flavor of India at Grabull where the restaurants are known for their modern style of cooking traditional dishes.

Top-notch service and staff

Grabull makes sure that you are served well. Be it home delivery, dining or takeout, our staff is extremely courteous and friendly. You can be sure to get your food in a jiffy as well. We get virtually zero complains from our customers because it is our priority to ensure they are always satisfied.

Wide range of dishes

Our restaurants provide an extensive range of Indian cuisine right from spicy appetizers like chicken tikka, to rich and creamy main course such as butter chicken with roti. You can even enjoy some of the most exotic desserts such as ‘gajarhalwa,’ a famous dish made from carrot. It is hard to find another place where you can find such delicious Indian foods Cambridge.

Grabull is certainly the best place to go to if you want to taste Indian food like it was meant to be.

Yummy Bites

Modern interpretation of Indian Traditional food dishes

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Indian Foods Indian Foods
Indian Foods